Increasing Sales With Speech Analytics

According to NewVoiceMedia, nearly 70% of consumers still prefer to resolve issues with product or service suppliers through a phone call.

That means even in this era of emails and social media and online chat, what customers tell you on the phone provides the best data on customer satisfaction and preferences.

And speech analytics is the most effective way to mine that data and turn it into actionable business intelligence.

A busy contact center will field hundreds – even thousands of calls every day. It’s unfair to expect agents to pick up on every verbal cue and every pattern of behavior during their shift. Speech analytics takes care of this automatically:

  • It tracks what words are used and what topics callers raise most often. 
  • It gauges customer satisfaction levels.
  • It boosts the effectiveness of quality monitoring.
  • It uncovers upsell opportunities. 
  • It identifies customers on the verge of switching companies, allowing agents a chance to keep them in the fold.

When all of this data is compiled and analyzed, it can reveal invaluable insights that can be forwarded to product development, marketing and sales.

Whether you are seeking to lower customer complaint rates or address compliance issues, speech analytics helps you to find the interactions you need, so you can spend less time searching and more time solving the problem.

With Monet WFO’s speech analytics capabilities, contact centers gain even more insight from their call recording solution. With automated alerts triggered by voice data, managers have access to critical business intelligence that boosts both agent performance and the customer experience.