Improving the Customer Experience with Call Center Quality Monitoring

“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.” That quote came from, a company that has learned plenty about providing a positive experience for customers. It’s a simple lesson that every call center should learn, and one strategy for analyzing and improving customer experience can be implemented through call center quality monitoring. Call centers that risk paying inadequate attention to the customer experience risk loss of business, loss of reputation and loss of jobs. One poll in Great Britain found that poor customer experience costs British companies more than 12 billion pounds a year. The numbers are certainly comparable in the United States. But How Do you Do It? Call center quality monitoring begins with establishing goals, then creating a plan for achieving them. What are the “big picture” objectives? What aspects of the customer service experience are taking care of themselves, and which ones need to be improved? These are decisions that can be made among call center management, but agents must be involved early and often. Clear communication is necessary to let them know what is expected of them. Scoring calls – grading them on a number of criteria – provides the raw data that illustrates each agent’s virtues and faults. Call recording software can also allow agents to review their own performances, and learn from their mistakes. It will also give you a source of great calls and terrible ones, both of which can be used in training. You should involve your customers in your quality assurance plan as well by requesting their feedback via surveys, conducted either over the phone, we-based or via email. If you request their name on these surveys, you can contact those that found issue with the call center, learn from it and possibly repair that relationship. Start putting these initiatives in place, and customer service will improve.