Improved Quality Monitoring with Speech Analytics

Too often, quality monitoring (QM) is viewed as an operational task and not a strategic initiative. For call centers, it can be vital to remain vigilant on this subject, as it helps to deliver better customer service and satisfaction, higher service quality, improved compliance and better performance on KPIs such as first call resolution.

So if QM is that important, call centers should be doing everything they can to pursue it. One of the most recently-introduced weapons in the quality monitoring arsenal is speech analytics. Speech analytics refers to the analysis of information from recorded customer phone calls – not just what is said, but which words are used repeatedly from call to call, and how callers express themselves when speaking with a call center agent. It’s a more in-depth procedure than standard call monitoring, but it has the potential to deliver much greater dividends.

Selecting the most important words and phrases out of each customer call is referred to as keyword spotting. An automated speech analytics solution will track those repeated most frequently. For instance, if they are specific product questions, agents can be furnished with the best possible answer, or perhaps product marketing and advertising can be changed to address these questions in advance. Emotion detection is another aspect of speech analytics that goes beyond word spotting to actually analyze the sentiments behind the words.

Obviously, most agents don’t need any help to detect whether some callers are angry, satisfied or impatient. But emotion detection is subtler than that, linking the use of certain words to dissatisfaction even if the caller’s voice does not make that feeling apparent. Built-in algorithms detect mood and emotion, which can be invaluable when it’s time for an agent to respond. The more an agent can tailor his or her responses in a way that each customer prefers, the better the chance of a satisfied customer. Please contact us to find out more about the speech analytics solution provided by Monet Software.