Impact of Call Recording Software on Workforce Management

One of the areas where call recording software can have a positive impact is workforce management. In fact, there are several crossover elements to workforce management systems that incorporate, or are complemented by call recording software solutions. When properly leveraged together, the result in improved communication between management and agents, and more efficient performance. The goal of workforce management is to create a more productive work environment through the planning, management tracking and analysis of such vital activities as agent performance, forecasting and scheduling, schedule adherence, training efforts and the configuration and administration of multiple groups and sites. The addition of contact center recording software offers a means to more effectively achieve these objectives. With call recording software solutions, it’s possible to capture valuable intelligence from agent-customer interactions, and thus improve both service levels and service quality / sales conversions. Data gathered from customer contacts makes it easier to forecast the length of future calls, find out why some calls take longer, and respond accordingly with training or changes in procedure. Call recording software can also assist with assessment of agents’ skills and performances, allowing for skill-based routing and scheduling. The ongoing goal of every call center management team is higher service levels, favorable customer interaction, and more efficient services and profitable sales. Call recording software combined with workforce management are essential tools in these efforts. For more information about workforce management, please see also our Call Center Workforce Management blog.