How Would the “Bring Jobs Home Act” Impact Call Centers?

For the past five years, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has introduced the “Bring Home Jobs Act” in Congress. The legislation was created in an attempt to bring jobs back from overseas by cutting corporate taxes and closing loopholes in the tax code related to outsourcing.

Stabenow’s efforts never progressed very far – but with a new pro-business president, the climate in Washington may have changed. And if some version of this legislation is enacted, it’s likely to have an impact on the call center industry.

Would a tax credit equal to 20% of the cost associated with bringing jobs and business activity back to the United States be enough for companies to bring some or all of their outsourced call center agent jobs back from overseas? As outsourcing is primarily motivated by economics, it is certainly possible.No one will ever argue that customer service is better when it is delivered from India or the Philippines.

Even without this recent election and this legislation, the trend of late has been more toward “insourcing,” as a reaction toseveral ongoing issues customers have with many overseas engagements, including:

  • Language and cultural issues
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Agent training

The growing popularity and acceptance of call center software delivered via the cloud is another factor in this trend. It has greatly reduced the investment necessary to provide unified workforce management and optimization services, which are vital for a call center to run at optimal efficiency. Cloud users pay a monthly subscription fee with no upfront investment, a huge savings from an on-premise solution that could cost $100,000 or more. This provides yet another incentive for companies to keep call centers closer to home.

The cloud model provides additional benefits as well. Set-up can be completed in days, with secure access available to agents and managers in the call center and at remote locations. With a traditional hardware/software system, complete installation and configuration can take several weeks, if not months, which add additional costs and inconvenience to the conversion process.

If you’re considering insourcing some or all of your call center jobs, find out more about Monet’s WFM in the Cloud