How Workforce Management Software and Call Recording Software work together

It’s common knowledge that workforce management software and call recording software are powerful tools for contact centers to improve quality, service levels and productivity. But today’s complex customer interactions require more than a set of disjoint call center tools. More and more call centers implement unified workforce optimization solutions, that enable them to connect all aspects of scheduling, skills, quality, metrics and compliance to better meet customer needs and deliver more effective customer service. Managers and supervisors can easily identify patterns and analyze metrics at various levels for training and quality assurance purposes and establish quality standards and best practices. For example, if they notice a potential issue, such as out-of-adherence they might get to the root cause by retrieving selected call recordings and then develop tailored training and coaching programs to address it. Our new call recording whitepaper will answer two key questions: 

  • First, we will take a look at why call recording is essential for every call center
  • Second, we will discuss how call recording as part of a unified workforce optimization solution can deliver even greater benefits, allowing you to “connect the dots” and get the whole picture to quickly improve call center performance.

Download this whitepaper and learn why call recording software is a must-have for your call center and how its integration with cloud-based workforce management takes call center performance to a whole new level.

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