How to schedule call and non-call activities

In a recent survey by a research firm, over half of the respondents said that scheduling of call and non-call activities is their biggest challenge. Here is some advice on how to overcome this challenge. First, you need to categorize all activities based on the impact on your service level, and then in a second step, you need to build a schedule based on these categories. Let’s get started with the categories.Priority 1 activities – all activities that directly impact service levels need to get scheduled first:

  • Work related to incoming “call” load such as calls and after work related to calls, outbound if triggered by inbound calls and chat (if important to your business) 
  • Other activities that can be directly related to inbound calls such as breaks, lunch, training, absenteeism, etc.

Flexible activities: The following activities are more flexible in nature and are not directly impacting your service level. They can be scheduled based on agent availability (“pockets of time”):

  • Measurable activities, not part of core staffing such as meetings, admin or research work, correspondence, email, outbound calls, etc.

“Unproductive” activities: These are all activities that a not related to productive work. They get added to the schedule as a buffer at a certain percentage.

  • Unproductive time such as smoking, bathroom, getting supplies, etc.

In our next blog post we will illustrate in more detail how we will build a schedule based on those categories – stay tuned.