How to manage call quality in your contact center?

Call center call monitoring software plays a central role in the quality assurance process. The quest to achieve best practices in every phase of customer engagement is clarified by the data collected through call recording. One way to achieve an effective call quality management system is to follow these steps: 

Set Quality Assurance Standards
What is the goal for each phone call? What is the optimum procedure for each agent to follow? All best practices policies should be agreed upon and specified in a way that every employee is aware of them. 

Track Through Call Monitoring
Once the standard is in place, call monitoring can be used to measure how that standard is achieved. There’s an old saying in business: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Call monitoring software can record and save every call or only those calls selected by management. But each stored call contains a wealth of information that can be used to improve call center performance. 

Evaluate the Results
Recordings can be reviewed to assess every aspect of the agents’ interaction with a customer, from the tone, pitch and volume or their voice to their adherence to any authorized greetings, closings, and questions. Customer reactions can also be reviewed to measure the effectiveness of the best practices policy, and whether changes may be necessary. 

Document Progress
If any issues arise from call monitoring data, investigate the root cause. Once new procedures are in place, ongoing call monitoring provides a way to analyze performance trends and gauge the success of any new initiatives. 

For each of the functions commonly associated with quality management – customer surveying, call monitoring, assessing performance and coaching – call recording software can help an organization better achieve its performance goals, even as those goals evolve over time.