How To Make Agents and Customers Fall in Love With Your Contact Center

February means Valentine’s Day, and romance is in the air. What could possibly be more romantic than a contact center?

Okay, forget we asked.

But love can bloom here as well, and when it does it’s good for business. If you want customers to fall in love with your contact center, try these tips instead of sending flowers.

  1. Answer the Phone Quickly

Nothing brings out feelings of joy faster in customers than a call that is answered promptly, without minutes of ‘on-hold’ music and messages, or a long string of ‘press 1’ commands from an IVR. Say “hello” within 3 rings and you’ll win their hearts.

  1. Empathy

Empathy is “the understanding and sharing of the emotions and experiences of another person.” That’s not just important on Valentine’s Day. When a caller explains a problem to an agent, and the effect that problem has had on them, an empathetic response can go a long way toward repairing that customer relationship.

  1. Listen

Relationship experts believe couples that stay together are good at listening to each other. That’s important at the contact center as well. Customers get frustrated if they want to ask a question but the agent keeps asking them questions first. Every effort should be made to keep information gathering to a minimum, or even wait until after the caller speaks his or her mind to start that process.

We believe in spreading the love to your agents as well. Here are three tips to keep their hearts loyal to your contact center.

  1. Opportunity for Advancement

Some people seek a job. Others seek a career. Those that fall in the latter category are typically more serious about their work and are looking for a business that provides an opportunity for growth and advancement. Is it possible at your contact center for an agent to progress from agent to coach to operations manager to site director? This comprises not just the possibility of such advancement, but also the creation of training programs and initiatives that encourage such transitions.

  1. Stress Relief

Breaks are necessary in the agent workday, but can and should consist of more than leaving one’s desk, stretching one’s legs, and perusing the leftover pastries in the break room. This is the time to de-stress. For those who prefer to burn off tension while burning off calories, a small workplace gym would be greatly appreciated. Those who prefer a quiet, peaceful respite would enjoy a relaxation room that might even offer sleeping quarters for a quick nap.

  1. Speech Analytics Software That Shows You Care

Why do agents say “it’s over” and end your relationship? Some are frustrated by ineffective training, or evaluations that do not reflect their actual performance. But what happens when agent scoring is handled through speech analytics software? Coaching sessions can be more precisely tuned to address specific issues for each agent. Better training results in better performance, and more individualized attention results in agents feeling more valued by the company.

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