How to Improve the Customer Experience with Call Monitoring

A successful call center is one that leaves a considerable majority of callers more satisfied after they have called than before. Customer service isn’t one aspect of the business – it’s the only goal and the only game in town.

Every customer is unique and every call is unique, so there are opportunities within each conversation for the customer experience to go right, or to suffer. One of the best ways to limit negative encounters is through the use of call monitoring. By monitoring each customer engagement, it is easy to find out how your call center is fulfilling its most critical purpose.

The objective is not just to limit negative results, but also to encourage positive outcomes. On a selling call, if the customer agrees to an upsell, or a contract upgrade, or if the agent can augment the relationship with additional products, services or support, he or she is doing the job right. The caller’s demeanor is another indicator – courteous responses and “thank yous” are signs of success. Post-call surveys can offer additional insight.

If too many offers of upsells or other company objectives are being rejected, call monitoring can provide insight into why this is happening and how it can be changed. Perhaps the agency approach is too aggressive; perhaps the price point is believed to be too high; or perhaps the agent just isn’t approaching the caller in a positive way.

Negative calls are a bigger issue. And while no call center will ever succeed in eliminating them entirely, call monitoring offers a chance to learn from each customer interaction, to help avoid such actions as involving a supervisor in a dispute, or transferring a customer multiple times to achieve a resolution.

Callers who are hostile from the start and use profanity and insults pose the greatest challenge to a call center agent. Through call monitoring, management can review how agents attempt to mitigate these angry calls, and how well they respond to hostility with courtesy. Perhaps a technique will be discovered that can be formalized to work with other callers having the same issue. 

There is something to be learned from every phone call, and call monitoring is the easiest way to gather data and develop understanding that will raise the rate of successful resolutions and result in a better customer experience.