How to Improve First Call Resolution

Few statistics are more important in a call center than First Call Resolution (FCR). When this is achieved a customer issue is solved with maximum efficiency, and the customer is much more likely to be satisfied with the call center encounter, and will remain a customer in the future. There are several actions that can be taken to improve FCR. Here are some of the most important.

1. Agent training

Knowledgeable, well-trained agents that provide clear communication and specific answers should be able to resolve almost every customer issue in one call.

2. The Right Tools

The software systems employed by the call center provide the resources agents need to deliver better FCR performance, as well as the analytics to help managers set policies that can also work toward this goal.

3. Identify the Trouble Spots

Which types of calls most commonly result in the need for a second (or third) follow-up? Take pre-emptive action to reduce these instances, by understanding the issues that cause them.

4. Reward Outstanding Performers

Every contact center has superstar agents who hit their FCR numbers consistently. Given the high rate of employee turnover in this industry, it is imperative for companies to do what they can to keep their best agents, by offering recognition, bonuses and preferred shifts.

5. Listen to Agent Feedback

Since your agents are on the front lines of customer service, find out what they have to say about the systems and processes that are in place, and what can be done to improve FCR rates.

6. Make Sure Rates are Coming Down the Right Way

One way to lower FCR is to provide abrupt and indifferent service, which would discourage any customer from calling back. The objective is to lower FCR by providing better service, not by instructing agents to wrap up calls by any means necessary.