How to Improve Call Center Agent Efficiency and Performance

A call center with great people and poor technology will not succeed. Likewise, great technology and poorly trained or motivated agents is an equally flawed formula for success. It is only when outstanding agents are equipped with outstanding tools that a call center will achieve its customer service goals. 

Here are a few tips for improving call center agent performance and efficiency, through the use of call recording and workforce management solutions

Training should not be an occasional action, but an ongoing effort that utilizes call recording software to refine agent performance. By varying the subject matter of training sessions – problem resolution, call times, answering questions etc. – agents will be more engaged and become more efficient in every aspect of their job performance. 

Skill-Based Routing
Call recording software can also assist with assessment of agents’ skills and performances, allowing for skill-based routing and scheduling. 

Live Call Monitoring
Managers may wish to also participate in live call monitoring, either as an addendum to training or as  a way to monitor new agents during their first few days on the job. Automated call distribution makes this process easier, while offering managers a means to directly communicate with agents during the course of a call. 

Inter-Agent Communication
There may be times when an agent has an issue with a call and a manager is not immediately available. In these instances it would be helpful for that agent to be able to communicate instantly with another agent for guidance or additional expertise. Technology should allow this communication in a way that is invisible to the customer. 

Agents are on the front line of the customer satisfaction process, and are often the first to detect flaws in a call procedure, or discover new solutions to old challenges. Agents should feel comfortable presenting their ideas to management, and using technology such as call recording to demonstrate how their suggestions would work.