How to deliver a great customer experience

It shouldn’t be a secret for companies that it is crucial to truly understand customer needs and then deliver products and services that meet or exceed those needs. However, you have probably noticed first-hand in your own consumer and buying experience that a lot of companies are still too much product instead of customer-focused. As the CEO of my company, Monet Software, I have established a one-word mission statement and that is “Customer”.  There is the old saying which still rings true: “take care of your customers and they will take care of you”. It’s easy to say, but often hard to implement and execute. In this article, I will share with you five simple but effective recommendations that have worked for us and other successful companies. [more] Understand customer needs: Make every effort to truly understand what your customers need, what they experience in their work or day, and what challenges they face. Talk to them, listen carefully, ask questions, observe them, look them over their shoulder at work – experience what they experience! This helps to create and deliver a solution that truly meets their needs and solve their problems. We learned from our customers that they need a Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution that integrates WFM, Call Recording, Quality Management and Performance management into one “experience”, helping them make better decisions and be more pro-active in managing productivity, service levels, service quality, and costs. And that’s what we delivered earlier this year. Make it easy: It sounds obvious, but there are still many companies that make it complicated for customers to buy and use their products and services. Just make it easy for your customers: easy to understand your offering, easy to buy, easy to pay, easy to set up and easy to use. As a leading provider of cloud-based WFO solutions, our key focus has always been to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy, set up and use our solutions – and that’s what our customers appreciate about our business. Keep it simple: The world we live in is complex – business transactions, processes and communication get more complicated by the day. Studies have shown that innovative and successful companies are able to hide the complexity behind the scenes and keep things simple for the customer. Monet Software’s mantra from its inception has been to deliver sophisticated call center software, made simple. Instead of adding hundreds of features, we analyzed and prioritized the needs of our customers and focused on capabilities that are really important for call centers and their business objectives. Focus on true customer value: True value is often not about the lowest price, it’s about delivering an affordable solution that meets or exceeds customer’s expectations and has a real and lasting business impact, such as reduced costs, improved quality, higher services levels, etc. Also, when thinking about customer value, it is important to include the end-customers of your customers into the value delivery. For example, when we think about the value of our WFO solution, we also think about how it helps our customers to better take care of their own customers. Deliver a great customer experience: In today’s commoditized markets, the overall customer experience is often more important than the product itself. The key to a great customer experience is an outstanding customer service. There are many facets to delivering great service, but availability, responsiveness, and quality are crucial. We at Monet Software are striving to help our customers deliver great customer service to their customers. With our set of WFO tools, our customers can optimize agent schedules, identify call issues, establish quality guidelines and use agent analytics and performance management to get actionable insights and alerts to deliver a high quality and consistent customer experience, while also controlling costs.  Please take a moment and think about how your company is delivering on the above five principles and how you can make your customers even more central to your business. (This article was also published in the print edition of Customer Magazine, Technology Marketing Corporation)