How to Choose A Call Recording Solution

There are a number of factors that must be considered when choosing a call recording solution. 

These may vary from call center to call center, but almost every business regardless of size, type and location has certain goals in common – improved customer service, saving money, boosting profits and keeping in compliance with industry regulations. All of these objectives can be achieved with call recording software, if you ask the right questions in advance. 

Cost – Does the system work within your company budget? Consider not just upfront costs but those related to installation, training, maintenance and upgrades. Don’t forget internal costs for IT operation and infrastructure.

Ease of Use – How long will it take the staff and management to become acclimated to the system? How long will it take to set up? Can it be used across multiple sites and home agents? 

Speed – Any system will record calls. How quickly can specific calls be retrieved based on different criteria? The system should carry out the call retrieval function based on any number of “tags” that can be affixed to a specific call. How easy is it to search for calls or groups of calls? 

Scalability and Adaptability – If the call center adds staff or even a second or third office, the call recording system should be flexible enough to grow with the needs of the business. If downsizing is necessary, the system should adapt without forcing the call center to pay for capacity it no longer needs. If there’s a chance the center will change from digital to VoIP recording, find out if the software can handle this transition. 

Security and Compliance – How are calls stored? Can the data be encrypted? How are accessibility restrictions set, and how secure is this data from a data breach, whether it comes from inside or outside the call center? Also, make sure that the call recording software complies with all PCI regulations, including the removal of credit card security codes from all recordings. 

For more details about call recording capabilities and benefits, please follow the link to download our whitepaper.