How to Boost Customer Service Feedback

As this article published by ICMI explains, a customer feedback program can provide insight into what your customers are thinking, what is most important to them, and how a call center can best satisfy their needs. For call centers that have yet to introduce such a program, the piece lists three steps for getting started. 1. The “Question of the Week.” Instruct agents to ask one question to each caller right before ending the call. It should be an open-ended question that cannot be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ For instance, don’t ask, “Are you happy with the service you received today?” Instead, ask, “Do you have any suggestions for how we could improve our customer service?” Gather the responses and then meet to analyze, and figure out how to address any concerns. 2. Survey IVR Participants In some call centers, IVR is a pre-requisite to speaking to an agent. In others, it may be used for the entire customer engagement. Either way, surveying IVR users provides insight into the effectiveness of the automated system, and in what areas it is perceived as frustrating rather than helpful. Since it can be more difficult to collect specific information through IVR, consider conducting a follow-up survey over the phone. 3. Training Feedback Call recording is widely used to help train agents as to what makes a great call, and which types of communication to avoid. Why not take that one step further, and involve the caller in these exercises as well? After a call, a customer service rep could contact the caller and ask for any suggestions on how customer service could be improved. A recording of that call will be helpful to agents, as it may render information that the agent would not have been able to gather on his/her own. Some callers may not be comfortable assessing an agent’s work directly, but might be more open to a third party.