How to Best Implement Modern Workforce Engagement Management Solutions in Your Call Center

Contact center employees face a number of challenges during their workday. These challenges can contribute to high turnover and employee disengagement, causing your employees to become indifferent to the company, withholding their best ideas and efforts.

As a manager, you are in the perfect position to implement modern solutions to improve morale in your call center. This improvement can be done in meaningful ways that can boost productivity, increase skill sets and elevate opportunities.

Workforce engagement management, a relatively new term in the market, combines solutions that help drive employee engagement through listening to the voice of your employee. Through core components of workforce optimization such as quality management, performance management, workforce management and speech analytics, these solutions can be used and enhanced in a more employee-focused way.

Workforce management is one critical component to implementing a full-blown workforce engagement management strategy in your contact center. Below you will find three ways to best implement this strategy for your business.

1. Provide Flexibility

Employee burnout among agents is something that can be addressed by taking steps to better balance work and home. With the focus of many companies on offering round-the-clock customer service, long hours and peak hours can lead to a stressful environment. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on productivity and lead to absenteeism.

Turning to flexible scheduling options is one way to offset this inevitable industry demand. This might mean allowing your call center agents to choose which shifts work best for their lives or allowing them to work remotely if the technology is in place to support it.

Either way, make sure that you are accommodating celebrating schedule adherence in an effort to promote the behavior you are seeking. However you schedule, strive to optimize staffing, keep customers satisfied and track adherence.

2. Meeting Performance Standards

Having to measure up to rigorous performance standards is one of the stresses that every call center agent faces. Even with the best and most thorough training program, regular feedback from leadership is a key factor in ongoing call center workforce engagement management.

To provide timely feedback, find the best times to schedule coaching and/or training if an employee falls below a KPI metric—or schedule a regular cadence for eLearning sessions built into employee schedules.

In order to meet the stringent requirements of most call centers, you’ll want to take the time to ensure your solution is intuitive and user-friendly, while still offering the features you need to meet the requirements of your evolving workforce. Doing so not only provides your employees with the knowledge they need to perform their jobs better—but also the tools they need to be successful.

3. Growing Made Easy

As previously mentioned, it’s important to give employees the tools, skills and resources they need to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently. Think beyond the present when it comes to engaging employees with your modern solutions.

Through solutions that have a depth of functionality and are easy to scale, you can equip your organization with the means to grow. From local to global and 45+ seats, ensure your ability to scale seasonally and long-term is built into your solutions.

Additionally, implement a solution that is ACD neutral, enabling you to consolidate on a single workforce management platform no matter how many ACDs your organization uses or will use in the future.

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