How to Automate Contact Center Quality Assurance

If your contact center already has a solid quality strategy and plan in place, perhaps it’s time to combine that strategy with an automated quality assurance (QA) system. Not only will this streamline many of the benefits of your efforts, from agent productivity to customer service, it will also help to assure that QA is never overlooked as a business priority. There are a number of benefits to automated QA – here are three of the most significant.

1. Call Scoring Forms

With automated scoring, it’s easier to aggregate any number of metrics based on specific objectives and goals. These forms deliver insight into customer satisfaction, compliance risk, agent performance and other key factors.

2. Alerts Based on Triggers

What information do you need to know about your call center, right away? With alerts set up based on these triggers, actionable alerts will appear on agent screens so any necessary changes can be made before they impact customer service. Set up as many as you believe are needed, and watch how productivity improves.

3. Reporting

Once the scoring process has helped to evaluate agent performance and customer satisfaction, the aggregated data is used for automated report generation. This provides managers with the information they need to identify training needs, respond to emerging issues and react to industry trends. Almost every contact center attempts to find out as much as it can about its customers and how best to serve them. But when these quality assurance efforts are automated, the data is delivered more  quickly, more accurately, and in an organized format that will generate a faster response.