How Speech Analytics Can Help You Keep Your Most Vulnerable Customers

Some contact centers do not classify their customers at all – it’s just one more data list to track when there are only so many hours in a day.

Is it worthwhile? We think so. Every business has customers facing unusual or difficult circumstances. If an agent can recognize the signs of vulnerability, he or she may be able to better serve that customer, and hold on to that business. Training plays a critical role here, as does speech analytics.

What Does ‘Vulnerable’ Mean?

For the purposes of this blog, we define vulnerable customers as those who have difficulty understanding or responding to the questions an agent asks, and/or those who have a hard time explaining the purpose of the call. These issues may be a result of age, a hearing loss or other physical challenge, or more familiarity with a language other than English.

Training Through Speech Analytics

Call recording and speech analytics software will deliver a selection of calls that fit these criteria and can be used for call center agent training purposes. Mix these calls in with calls from other customers that may be similar, but do not fit the definition of vulnerable. In time, agents will recognize the right vocal cues – customers who frequently repeat themselves, who only answer ‘yes’ to questions, or who seem flustered or frustrated or distracted.

By reviewing such calls, agents can be instructed how to handle these awkward situations.

If there are agents at your contact center who specialize in such engagements, such calls should be routed to them. But there will be days and shifts when they are not available. So every agent should know the proper steps when dealing with a vulnerable customer. These may include speaking slowly and clearly in an even tone of voice, confirming that whatever information has been relayed has been heard and understood, and ending the call with a summary of what was said.

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