How Many Metrics Does it Take to Run a Contact Center?

What metrics do you use in your contact center? Just about everyone pays some attention to first call resolution, number of calls and average handle time, as well as quality scores. 

But is that enough? A recent survey asked contact centers how many metrics they report on regularly. 

The results showed that not a single center stuck to just one metric. And just 2% of those surveyed reported on 20 metrics or more. Apparently, there are always a few overachievers in every room. 

Relying on 2-4 metrics? That was good enough for 24% of those surveyed. That same number – 24% – expanded their efforts to include 10-19 metrics. 

As is often the case, it’s the middle ground that has proven the most popular and the most successful. A full 50% of contact centers surveyed rely on 5-9 metrics, and that makes sense. It’s enough data to provide a clear and accurate picture of how a contact center is meeting customer service goals, and it’s a manageable amount where gathering and analyzing reports won’t seem like the kind of arduous chore that is avoided or rushed through to get it over with. 

How many metrics does your contact center use?