How Effective is Your Quality Program?

A call center quality assurance (QA) program begins with establishing goals, then creating a plan for achieving them. Once that process is completed, however, another challenge arises – how to make sure that your quality assurance strategy is producing accurate results. 

Scoring plays a key role in the QA process. And if scores are not calibrated correctly, the results will be less than reliable. The critical factor is whether the scoring system selected is consistent, and if it provides a fair and precise measure of how closely a customer engagement meets the company standard.

The best way to check the results is to bring all concerned parties together for a comprehensive review. Have representatives from your QA team, as well as supervisors, trainers and even a few experienced agents. Prepare a sample of recent call recordings and have them scored based on your pre-determined criteria. Then compare the results. 

Don’t expect 100% agreement. Even if your QA system is functioning well, there will be instances where different people draw different conclusions from the same recorded calls. Plus, trainers will naturally listen for different skills than supervisors. These instances should be minor, however. 

Calibration is not about sweating the small stuff. It’s about making sure that scores are consistent, and then everyone is on the same proverbial page. If this is not the case, identify the source of the problem and discuss the best way to resolve it.