How does Call Recording Impact Quality Assurance in your Contact Center?

Think about how call centers handled quality assurance and management before the advent of call recording software. Typically, management would single out a few call center agents, and randomly monitor a sampling of their calls each month. Their performances would be evaluated and recommendations would be made on how they could better achieve the quality standards of the center. This was effective as far as it goes, and certainly those agents that were targeted would improve. 

But what about those agents that did not receive a personal review for weeks or months? How long could an agent continue to perform poorly under this arrangement before his or her problems were discovered? 

Additionally, while individual monitoring provides very useful close up information on an agent’s performance, it sometimes misses the bigger picture – how specific actions impact overall business performance. 

Call center recording software has changed the game, and for the better. Now, every call handled by every agent can be recorded and analyzed. Performance indicators can be specified and applied across the entire center, improving both individual agent performance and the efficiency of the entire operation. 

Sophisticated metrics measure every aspect of the customer encounter, from hold time to transfers, while charting instances of dissatisfaction, and the rate at which questions or concerns are resolved after one call. 

The result? Problems are identified far more quickly, and action can be taken to alleviate any issues, thus reducing their detriment to customer satisfaction, employee morale and the center’s bottom line. 

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