How Does Automated Call Center Monitoring Work?

Automated call center monitoring saves time and boosts efficiency in a call center, particularly when compared to in-person evaluation agent evaluation. Let’s review a typical scenario in which automated call center monitoring can be applied to improving the performance of a call center agent.

1. Call recordings are captured
The automated system captures all recordings from an agent for their shift. These calls can then be organized by a number of different metrics, based on which metrics are most important to the supervisor – call waiting time, actual call time, first call resolution, etc. In addition, quality monitoring also incorporates screen capture, so supervisors have a visual as well as audio record of each customer engagement. 

2. Call retrieval
The supervisor finds the calls he or she wishes to review. Sometimes a random sampling can provide insight into how that agent is performing. Or, if specific criteria are under review, these can be found quickly through the system’s search and retrieval functions. 

3. Call scoring
For each call reviewed, the supervisor scores the agent’s performance based on adherence to the script, courtesy, call resolution and other factors. 

4. Agent review
Scores are made available to the agent for self-evaluation, and can also be used as motivation for improving performance. Information collected through automated call center monitoring is also invaluable for training. By listening back to customer encounters, an agent may discover that he has drifted away from best practices. Sometimes, all it takes is a chance to review their courtesy, conversational style and use of scripted material for self-correction to occur. 

While the same steps could be taken, in a more limited manner. through one-on-one evaluation, it is clear that automated call center monitoring is more efficient, more effective, and offers additional dividends beyond the measurement and improvement of agent performance. 

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