How Do You Measure Call Quality?

Measuring call quality starts with a complex question that seems simple on the surface: what constitutes a “good call,” and what is a “bad call?”

Certainly, a call that ends with an order or a satisfied customer would seem like a good one, butcall recording with integrated quality scoring may reveal some missed up-sell opportunities on the part of an agent, or a departure from the script that needs correction.

Conversely, an angry caller who hangs up abruptly may have been handled as well as can be expected by a patient, sympathetic agent, thus making that customer engagement a good one for study by new hires regardless of the outcome.

Selecting criteria for good and bad calls will vary by call center, which is why a call scoring system is a great place to start. This will require a cooperative effort among managers, agents and even customers (through feedback and survey results) to determine what elements are important in each customer engagement, and how each effort should be scored.Call recording will provide a library of call examples, good and bad, to illustrate scoring criteria. Create a file for both that can be consulted during the hiring and training process. Once the decisions have been made, and measurement criteria have been clearly defined so there is consensus on what “good” looks like, the call center has a consistent, reliable system in place for measuring and tracking results.To learn more about call scoring and quality management, please download our whitepaper.