How Contact Centers in the Healthcare Industry Benefit from Workforce Optimization

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a source of excitement, confusion and frustration – and not just for doctors and patients. Contact centers that service the health care and health insurance industries have been inundated with calls about the new guidelines – some asking questions, some looking to sign up. According to one article, between 7,000 and 9,000 new customer service agents were hired just to handle phone and Web chat traffic for the exchanges run by the federal government.

That is a heavy burden to place on contact centers, but one that can be managed with Workforce Optimization (WFO) software. With WFO, contact centers could more accurately forecast and plan personnel needs by running “What If” scenarios and analyzing the results. WFO can also provide assurance to contact center managers (through call monitoring) that all calls are being handled in compliance with federal regulations and policies, which is a critical concern when dealing with a person’s health care history.

Monet CEO Chuck Ciarlo wrote an article on this topic that appears in the current edition of Call Center Times. And for those contact centers that stumbled out of the gate in dealing with the public response to “Obamacare,” it is never too late to get equipped with the right technology and the best delivery option to provide a better degree of customer service.