How call recording software works – video demonstration

We just launched a new demo video of our cloud-based call recording software. Please take a moment and watch the short demo video if you are interested in learning more about call recording and seeing it in action. This is a list of the functionality and capabilities that will be covered:

  • On-Demand Recording
  • Live Monitoring
  • Search and Retrieval
  • Call Playback
  • Selective Recording
  • Look-Back Call Recording
  • Multi-Site Call Recording
  • Call Tagging/Exporting
  • Audit Trail
  • PCI Compliant
  • Secure Access
  • Auto-delete
  • File Management/archiving
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Administration and Management

If you are in the process of selecting call monitoring software, please also read our post about call recording software evaluation. It provides some guidelines on what to look for regarding implementation, functionality and cost.