Helping Agents Buy Into Workforce Optimization

Logically, if you bring someone a solution that will make it easier for that person to do his or her job, you’d expect that solution to be gladly received.

But the real world (and that includes contact centers) doesn’t always run on logic.

We are creatures of habit. We learn a certain way to do things and once we’ve done so we are resistant to efforts to change those procedures.

That is why introducing a workforce optimization (WFO) solution into a contact center must be done with care. Yes, it will improve efficiency all around. Yes, it will shorten customer calls and deliver more accurate forecasts and schedules. But managers and agents used to “the old system” may not be eager to break old routines.

Here are some ideas to help you learn how to introduce customer service software.

1. Ask first

No, you don’t need everyone’s permission. But what’s great about WFO is how it addresses all of the most common issues contact centers face. So why not call a meeting and ask, “If you could change something about how we do business, what would it be?” Outside of “better salaries” and “more candy bars in the break room,” most of the common issues cited would be improved by workforce optimization. Then, when the system is rolled out, your team will feel like they played a role in the decision and will be more willing to give it a chance.

2. Make sure you buy the right solution

All WFO systems are not created equal. If you give the wrong system a big build-up and then it doesn’t deliver, it’s only going to make it more difficult the next time changes are made. Choose wisely. Start by asking us about next-generation WFO.

3. Patience

The learning curve on Monet WFO is shorter than with other workforce optimization solutions, because of our intuitive dashboards and other timesaving features. But it will take a workforce time to absorb the training, ask questions and become acclimated to a new system. In the days and weeks to come, ask them their opinions on how the technology is working to ensure that they stay engaged in the process and excited about their progress.

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