Help Desk Service: When KPIs Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Sometimes two statements can be true, even if they seem to conflict on the surface.

Take KPIs at help desks. We’ve written many times that KPIs are essential for measuring the performance and efficiency of your business, and for keeping your agents on track toward meeting customer service goals.

We said it, and we won’t take it back. However, it’s also true that KPIs do not tell the whole story.

Metrics are expressed in numbers, and as anyone who follows politics knows, numbers can be made to show conclusions that may or may not be accurate. Those numbers are also at the mercy of those who compile them.

Who is designating the metrics at your help desk? Who is filling out the quality management scorecards? If efficient performance is tied to raises and bonuses, are you sure the numbers you are getting are the right ones?

We tend to take good news for granted and don’t ask questions. So if the help desk’s goal is 97% closed tickets, and metrics are showing a 98% completion rate, the temptation is to declare victory and move along.

That happened at one company, that later discovered that the number of problem tickets had skyrocketed, and user satisfaction scores were not as encouraging. The reason – agents closed tickets as soon as the call was completed, rather than keeping the ticket open to make sure that the actual problem was solved. If that same customer had to follow up, a new ticket was created. Multiply that practice by 20 agents, and you might end up with 200 tickets that all close quickly, but that also address only 20 issues for 20 less-than-satisfied customers.

So, call center performance measurement is not just about numbers, it’s how those numbers are achieved.

An effective workforce management solution is the key to helping a help desk run smoothly and efficiently, so cases get closed as quickly as possible with a positive outcome.

Best of all, data is available in real-time, so managers will always have insight into case handling and activity assignments as they occur. And it’s always easy to make adjustments as needed, whether that involves adding or reassigning agents to improve turnaround time.

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