Contact centers for government agencies may receive thousands of calls each day, from constituents with a wide range of questions and concerns. The objective is to deliver consistent customer service with every call. The challenge is how to do so with a government call center that may not always have the resources available for optimal service.


But sometimes, all it takes is the right technology solution, like Monet government WFM software – especially when that solution doesn’t require a large upfront cost.


That was the case with one government call center in San Francisco.


If your government agency is struggling with call center issues, check out this case study from Monet that describes how one public sector agency in San Francisco solved its scheduling and staffing problems with workforce optimization in the cloud.


Perhaps this is the year your government contact center will make the transition to a workforce optimization (WFO) system. But how do you know which system is right for you?


Don’t invest in a solution without reading our case study on the Human Services Agency of San Francisco.

“After having Monet, we can never go back.”

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“Our quality and service levels are averaging in the top 97% tier.“

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“We are already abandoning almost 2,000 less calls than a year ago.”

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