Getting the Most Out of Gamification

To some it’s an effective way to create a positive workplace; to others it’s pandering to Millennials who don’t know the difference between work time and playtime.

We’re talking about gamification, the practice of redesigning everyday routines and tasks to be more game-like and interactive, resulting in experiences that are more engaging, more fun, and (hopefully) more productive.

Can this work to motivate employees in the contact center? Possibly – as long as there are not any negative consequences to the activities devised.

If you’re considering adding gamification to your call center, here are some questions to ask first. Once you have decided on the answers, you’ll have a better chance of success.

What do you want to achieve?

Is the objective to make work more fun, or do you want to use the games to improve agent skills? The more specific the objective, the more likely you’ll attain it. 

What will it take to win?

Games have winners, or they’re not much fun. What talents will agents have to display to emerge victorious? Hopefully, they’ll be the same talents necessary to be a better agent – initiative, creativity, attention to detail, etc. 

Who is going to play? 

Create activities that will appeal to the types of agents you have now. 

What will the winners receive?

Sure, a little recognition among one’s peers is always nice, but additional incentives will result in more enthusiastic participation. A gift card for a nice restaurant might work, or first choice of shifts for the next two weeks, or good old-fashioned cash. Try these and other ideas – it won’t take long to figure out which rewards are most well-received. 

What should I do when the game is over?

Don’t just review the results to see how agents performed. Gauge the responses and level of participation. Find out which agents showed the attributes needed to win and which did not, and adjust your coaching and training efforts accordingly. And get feedback from everyone involved to make sure the call center is on the right track.