Four Unique Ideas for Improving Contact Center Efficiency

The dictionary defines efficiency as “effective operation as measured by a comparison of production with cost (as in energy, time and money).”

Sounds like the goal of every contact center manager. But what is the best way to get there?

Here are four unique ways that might help improve contact center efficiency.

  1. Work Backwards

A contact center will inevitably become more efficient if it doesn’t have to field as many calls every shift. While striving for call prevention may sound like a way to put one’s self out of work, it’s actually a way to reduce inbound calls in a way that will satisfy customers, while freeing your agents to address more substantive issues. The biggest hurdle here is that achieving this goal may not be possible by simply changing contact center policy. You may need cooperation and support from marketing, IT, product development, sales and other departments. But the end result will be worth it.

  1. A Qualified Traffic Cop

No, not the kind that will fix the stop lights so your agents always arrive at work on time. We are referring to a system that makes sure phone, webchat, and traffic from other channels flow efficiently. When calls are distributed properly, and when callers with specific issues or questions are routed to the agents best qualified to handle them, it helps to avoid traffic jams and call backups.

  1. Motivational Posters

This may sound silly at first, but there is a reason why posters are part of every political campaign and special interest movement to bring about a desired change. Some studies have shown that productivity goes up after hanging a few posters around the contact center with positive messages, words of encouragement and reminders of what’s important.

  1. Daily Agent Meetings

Who has time? Well, when you see the results perhaps it’s worth it to make the time. When every agent gets a few moments with the manager to receive encouragement or discuss concerns, they are made to feel valued and part of a winning team. Motivated agents are one of the best ways to ensure contact center efficiency.

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