Four Steps to Better Contact Center Performance in 2018

Are there any new ideas under the sun? Sure – but that doesn’t mean it’s always wise to abandon proven strategies.

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2018, here are four suggestions that can help you deliver a better customer experience. Some we’ve presented before – they would have worked ten years ago and they’ll still work now. But it’s beneficial to explore new innovations as well.

Classic: Workforce Management

As long as KPIs are important for measuring performance, workforce management will play an equally critical role in helping you evaluate where you are now, and create a strategy for improving those numbers through better forecasting and scheduling (among other benefits).

Cutting Edge: Speech Analytics

Sure it’s been around awhile, but if you implement a speech analytics solution in 2018 you will still be ahead of the technology curve. Why wait any longer to boost your critical business intelligence gathering capabilities? Speech analytics delivers real-time, automated alerts triggered by voice data, which could mean the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Classic: Agent Coaching and Training

You’re almost certainly doing this already. But if it’s not generating the desired results, try doubling down on your efforts, even if that means daily coaching sessions. Or, alternate between days with outside training efforts, and requiring each agent to self-coach by reviewing recorded calls and scoring them based on pre-determined factors. And if you do adopt speech analytics, be sure to incorporate that into your training as well.

Cutting Edge: Millennial Hiring

This means more than just hiring agents in the millennial age group – it’s a strategy to recruit and retain the best this generation has to offer. This is achieved by recognizing how millennials view work – it’s no longer joining a company and staying there until retirement. This is a fluid workforce that changes jobs with unprecedented frequency. And with contact centers already dealing with higher attrition than most industries, that is not a welcome trait. Your best defense is to start at the hiring stage with behavioral testing and skill assessments. This will help you separate those looking for six months of paychecks from those with a more stable hiring profile.

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