Four Reasons Why Your Coaching Efforts Aren’t Working

The college and pro football regular seasons are wrapping up, and every year that means one thing – some coaches will be out of a job.

Learning how to coach employees and players is important, whether you run a football team or a contact center. And if you’re not getting the most out of your coaching efforts, it will impact customer service.

We’re not suggesting that anyone get fired – but we do think it’s inherent on coaches to not fall into a rut. Contact centers are evolving, and agent coaching must evolve with them.


Here are four reasons why your current coaching efforts may not be hitting the mark during call center employee training.

  1. Beyond the basics

If coaching sessions involve still spending time going over the same skills agents should have learned in their initial training, then something is amiss. At some point – that means weeks, not months – agents should be ready to move beyond the basics and get up to speed on more complex requests and other high-skill, high-value tasks. And coaching needs to get them there.

  1. Not enough time

Coaching should never be an afterthought. Mandatory, regularly scheduled sessions for every agent are a must if you expect to see steady improvement in average handle time, first-call resolution and other key metrics. It can help you keep your best agents as well: One company found that when coaches spend more than 60 percent of their time on the contact center floor, staff-retention rates were twice the average.

  1. What are you coaching on?

For years, the coaching process began with agents and coaches listening to how 3-5 calls were handled, and discussing the outcome. But is that sample size large enough to provide a clear picture of that agent’s skills? If more calls are reviewed, there’s a better chance to identify issues or opportunities that may otherwise have been missed.

  1. Tunnel vision

An agent has an issue with average handle time; the coach tells him this and suggests this is the area to focus on until the next coaching session. Is that good enough? Not really. Effective coaching uncovers not just performance issues, but the reasons those issues keep happening. What specifically can that agent do to wrap up calls faster?

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