Four “Must Have” Qualities in a Quality Management System

“Quality,” that elusive attribute for which a contact center strives, is always a challenge to achieve consistently.
But maintaining quality is critical in every aspect of a company’s operation, and especially in the contact center where thousands of people have their first experience with how that company treats its customers. A positive impression can lead to a long and profitable relationship; a bad one can end it before it has a chance to start.

Do you have a quality management (QM) program? If so, when was the last time you reviewed its success (or lack thereof)? Whether you are starting a new QM effort, or giving the old one a makeover, here are four attributes that must be handled correctly.

Call Scoring

This is perhaps the most critical aspect of quality management, so it is best decided with the participation of as many employees as possible. Divide each call into sections – greeting, closing, speed, issue resolution, courtesy, empathy, etc. – and then score each segment. This could be done with a letter grade like in school, or on a 1-10 scale. Then, compare results. Don’t be surprised if assessments vary – you are still early in the process and this is how you will determine what qualifies as a great call, a good one, and one that was not well-handled. The more participants become acclimated to the QM system, the closer the scores should get.


If training consists of the same procedures every week or month, agents will tune it out. Have trainers use varied methods to maintain a higher level of engagement. And as much as you trust your coaches and trainers to maximize agent performance, their work must be regularly monitored as well.

Customer Involvement

Serving your customers better is the reason to introduce QM – so it makes sense to include their feedback instead of just assuming what they want from your business. Review customer satisfaction scores against QM results, and address any gaps or discrepancies. Update customer surveys frequently.


Without the right software, a quality management program is going to struggle. Monitoring of customer interactions should be simple for agents, and the intelligence gathered through the system should be easy to analyze for managers. Also, consider future growth – the software you select should be able to grow with your company, and meet your needs not only today but tomorrow.

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