Four Factors Found In Every Successful Contact Center

Take a closer look at successful people and successful companies, and you’ll often find they share the same positive traits.

At the contact center, success is measured by how well customers are treated. What are some of the factors you’ll find in common at the best of these businesses? These four come to mind.

1. Accessibility

For decades, call centers only had to worry about one communication channel. But today, customers may prefer to reach out through other means – emails, social media, web chat. The contact center should facilitate these connections.

2. Consistency

The same approach to customer service, and the same answers to customer questions, should be delivered consistently from agent to agent, and from service channel to service channel. Learning that lesson starts in training and is reinforced throughout your quality management efforts.

3. Communication

In this case, it’s a reference not to communication between agents and customers, but between agents and managers. Everybody likes to feel appreciated. When agents excel at their work they deserve to be recognized and rewarded. And when agents have questions or suggestions, they should not be reluctant to share them.

4. Understanding

The job of an agent is not to listen to a customer until he or she hears a key word (order, return, complaint) that triggers a pre-scripted response. It is to actively listen to what is being said, and respond within the framework of call center policy, but in a way that acknowledges each customer individually by giving him or her the respect of the agent’s full attention. And, when necessary, offering support or empathy that goes beyond the words in the script or the service provided. Is this being emphasized enough at your business?

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