Five Ways Performance Management Data Contributes To A Better Contact Center

The frustrating thing about performance management (PM) is it’s never going to be perfect. Of course, that’s not uncommon in business. The perfect sales pitch, the perfect product launch, the perfect contact center script – these are goals to chase, and if we don’t reach them we should still keep trying.

With contact center performance management, the challenge is usually in the data. Perhaps it is not always as accurate as you need it to be. Use it anyway, because it will make a positive difference.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your data, the situation can be improved with a little more time and effort, and in finding the best ways to interpret the information you have to boost contact center performance.

Here are five ways performance management data can have a beneficial impact on workforce management decisions.

  1. Who’s Leaving?

Agent attrition is an unfortunate reality at most contact centers. But with PM you’ll gain better insight into whether you’re losing more of your superstars than your average performers, and what that says about the overall health of your workforce. How are you defining performance goals, and does your contact center attract enough top-tier agents?

  1. Communication

Do your agents know what is expected of them? Are you communicating clearly with them on addressing performance concerns?

  1. New Recruits

Do your recruiting, hiring and training procedures result in a consistent supply of talented agents? Are you getting your best candidates from one type of ad or recruiting source? When you know where the good ones are coming from, focus your attention there to improve staffing effectiveness.

  1. Promoting From Within

Are you using performance data to identify agents with management or trainer potential? Promoting from within is great for company morale, and also helps to attract more capable employees with higher aspirations.

  1. Who Gets What?

Do agents receive bonuses and extras for outstanding performance? If so, what constitutes outstanding performance? Is it strictly a measure of meeting KPI goals, or are those agents that develop a better rapport with your customers also recognized? Performance data should give you more insight into all of the positive attributes your agents display.

Performance management is one of the most effective ways to improve contact center service – as long as the metrics are accurate and implemented in a way that bolsters the associated workflow functionality. This is not a one-time fix but an ongoing challenge that should become part of the contact center’s everyday management procedures.


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