Five Signs That It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Contact Center Script

The script your agents use serves a multitude of purposes. It provides a guide for how to best interact with customers. It assures that agents are speaking for the company and only sharing information that is appropriate. It helps to keep calls on track so they can be resolved efficiently. It should result in more confident agents and more consistent service.

How certain are you that the script you’re using now is achieving these objectives?

Look for these signs that changes might be necessary.


  1. Average Handle Time is Getting Worse

If calls are taking too long, one way to shorten them is by editing the script to cut down on well-worn content. It’s still important to be courteous, but expediting expressions of appreciation for the customer’s business, and getting to the point of the call, may pay greater dividends.

  1. It Has Not Been Vetted Through Speech Analytics

If you’ve added speech analytics to your contact center, you now have an opportunity to assess customer reaction to scripted lines and responses. Are there words or phrases in there that are getting in the way of a positive experience?

  1. It’s Too Detailed

It’s good to try and anticipate every scenario and create a response, but it’s also easy to take this too far. Customers know when lines are being read off a page no matter what they say. And they are not likely to welcome such robotic answers. The ultimate goal should be to create a script that is more of an outline than a word-for-word speech.

  1. Too Many Open Questions

“How can I help you today?” is a line you’ll find in many scripts that can prompt very long and meandering responses that waste precious time. More focused questions will generate more focused responses and keep the conversation on track.

  1. It Lacks Feeling

Communicating empathy and support to a dissatisfied customer relies as much on the agent as the script ­– but there should be some content in the written direction to make sure these feelings are conveyed.

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