Five Signs That It’s Time for a Fresh Start With Quality Management

Do you have a quality management process? If so, are you happy with the results?

You’d be surprised how many contact centers implement such a program and then check the “mission accomplished” box before moving on to something else. But this must be an ongoing effort, one that evolves as new variables affect the customer experience.

If you’re not sure where you stand on quality management, here are five signs that a fresh start might be recommended. 

1. Your goals are not being met

This is the most obvious. Quality management starts with the establishment of specific performance goals that hold agents accountable for their achievement. If that is not happening, ask yourself: Have we clearly defined our goals? Are we communicating them to our agents? Do our agents understand them? 

2. You have the wrong goals

Sometimes you think you know what your customers want most from your contact center, but you later find they have other priorities in mind. If this is the trouble, go back to basics: Discover the specifics of what your customers want through feedback from agents and operations teams, as well as customer satisfaction surveys.

3. Everyone isn’t on the same page

Sometimes contact center performance metrics and quality guidelines get in each other’s way. Clear expectations should be set based on customer experience. If a metric like average handle time has to occasionally be set aside so an agent can spend a few more moments and keep a customer, such actions should not only be allowed, but also encouraged. Also, check that your quality associates are scoring employees the same way, so the program remains consistent and repeatable.

4. You didn’t test first

When launching a quality management program, or making changes to an existing program, a “pilot phase” is recommended before rolling out these efforts to the entire organization. This will help identify potential issues, and allow you to make adjustments before the full launch of your program.

5. No one is monitoring the monitors

Quality audits will provide accountability and a standard of performance management for your quality team. But this will only happen if your quality management team, those responsible for call analysis and agent coaching and feedback, are also being audited regularly. Is that the case at your contact center?

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