Five Reasons (Plus one) to use Screen Recording

Call recording is fast becoming standard practice in the contact center. Screen recording, which captures both audio and video of each agent’s desktop, isn’t there yet – but more contact centers are discovering the efficiency improvements and cost-saving benefits that can be derived from this technology. A recent blog post from OrecX lists five reasons why contact centers should consider recording screen activity during customer interactions. It points out how some issues with customer service that would normally be attributed to human error can now be more accurately identified as a technology issue. Managers will also gain insight into how well agents navigate and interact with screens and applications, which also impacts customer service.

  • According to the blog, screen recording can:
  • Identify application or system breakdowns
  • Uncover areas where agent efficiency can be improved
  • Reveal unauthorized personal activity by agents
  • Identify PCI or HIPAA compliance issues
  • Record best-practice performance

To these benefits, we would add one more: screen recording provides a way to learn what customers want most from the contact center or the company itself, while also improving the overall processes of application use and service delivery. There may be some “Big Brother” concerns among personnel aware that their activities are being recorded, so they should be made aware that screen recording also provides a means to reward outstanding agents. Those that are performing their jobs consistently should have nothing to worry about.