Five Call Center Strategies for Effective Use of Call Recording Software

There are numerous advantages inherent in the use of call center recording software. For human resource issues, training and customer dispute resolution, it is obviously better to have the resource of recorded calls than to rely on a written record or memory. However, many call centers do not maximize the positive impact that call recording software can have on their business. Here are five simple strategies for utilizing the capabilities this technology provides. 1. Don’t neglect the little things The inclination is to focus on the big picture – average call times, satisfactory outcomes, training personnel on proper procedures – but don’t overlook the more incidental aspects of customer interaction, such as the initial greeting and the way a call ends. You may have scripted copy for these situations but personnel may drift away from the script, and this is an opportunity to restore consistency across the call center. 2. Optimal feedback delivery Once you have collected reports on call center performance, what is the best way to share that information with personnel? Some managers prefer one-on-one conferences with each employee, while others address the call center team in small groups or perhaps all at once. Based on the general work environment and the personalities of your employees, choose the method that has the best chance to bring positive results. 3. Frequent follow-ups Once feedback is delivered, don’t let the matter drop. While you never want to manage over the shoulder of call center employees, it’s important to make sure that suggestions made on performance improvement have been correctly understood, and are being incorporated into their daily routine. Don’t wait too long. 4. Reward achievement Call center recording data should not be used only to correct problems; it should also be employed to reward outstanding team members who are diligent in their performance and most positively reflect the call center’s best practices. Whether this reward is a simple acknowledgment (“employee of the month”) or is accompanied by a prize (dinner for two at a local restaurant, a gift card at a nearby retailer), these distinctions encourage continued outstanding performance. 5. Get outside help In a small call center, where management and employees may be friends as well as professional colleagues, it may be more difficult to provide the kind of clear-eyed guidance needed to get the most from call center operators – or to dismiss those who cannot follow procedure. In a case like this, hiring an independent call monitoring consultant can result in more objective data analysis and recommendations for improvement.