Finding the Perfect Greeting

What goes into the perfect contact center agent greeting?

After five minutes on hold, the agent could say anything and the customer would be grateful. But your business is better than that. You use workforce management to create accurate forecasts and schedules, so there are always enough agents on the floor to answer calls promptly. But now the real work begins.

What is the first words or sentence in your script? One recent survey suggests that “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” is preferable to “Welcome to ABC Industries…”  And that makes sense, as it is more polite.

Some call centers prefer to open with “Thank you for calling ABC Industries…” which also sounds polite. However, at contact centers where a high percentage of calls come from people who are confused about a product or angry about a purchase, thanking them for making a call they didn’t want to make sets the wrong tone.

There are companies that prefer to be more formal: “ABC Industries, this is Bob, who am I speaking with?” But today’s customers, particularly millennials, would likely prefer a greeting that is more casual: “Hello, this is Bob with ABC Industries. How can I help you?”

And in keeping with formal vs. informal, “How can I help you” is slightly higher on the informality scale than “How may I help you.”

Is it important for the caller to know the agent’s name? The survey we referenced earlier suggests that they should – in fact, more than 90% of those who responded believe that helps to establish a one-on-one connection.

So let’s put that all together. A perfect greeting just might be: “Good morning, this is ABC Industries. My name is Bob. How can I help you?”

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