Finding the Optimum Reports and Metrics

Do you have the right performance reports and metrics in your contact center? The more information you receive from your performance management solution – KPIs, scorecards, alerts, dashboards, reports – the better equipped you will be to take effective action to better meet the customer service goals of the contact center. But it’s helpful to know where to start, especially for those contact centers still acclimating to an automated solution that delivers an abundance of actionable intelligence. These are some of the key reports to measure the most important performance metrics:

Agent Adherence

This is the report that lets you know if your forecast and schedule is on track, or is no longer being met. Even a minor fall out of adherence can impact service levels. Find out more about agent adherence in our previous blog post.

Agent Status

Track the agent’s total times in each status, compared with what was planned in advance. Is the agent providing what is expected, or is there an issue with longer lunches, unscheduled breaks, too much time on non-call activities, etc.?

Hours Worked

This report provides additional insight into assigned activities. Any hour when an agent is on duty is considered time worked. Here you’ll find whether that time is being used for optimum productivity.


Identify gaps in staffing to avoid abandonment spikes. This report can also help identify the underlying reasons why these coverage gaps occurred, from inaccurate forecasts to adherence issues to schedule/shift patterns that are not matched to the demands of the workload. If you would like to learn more, please watch a recording of our recent webinar about workforce optimization and performance management.