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We’ve Crunched the Numbers: Workforce Management Delivers at Financial Call Centers

Getting numbers right is critical in banking and finance. It is no less important at banking call centers and financial service centers, where providing customer service is contingent on calculating the correct numbers in forecasting call demand before scheduling agents.

Many calls to financial call centers are motivated by urgent situations – a customer is worried over suspicious activity in his checking account; someone is awaiting approval on a payment transaction; a young couple needs a copy of their credit report to see if they can qualify for a mortgage.

When they call, they want answers – fast.

Achieving this goal is impossible without precise data, which cannot be provided through spreadsheets.

As this is a topic that affects all financial services call centers, Verint Monet has created a whitepaper that describes how a financial call center workforce management software can help a banking call center achieve best practices in forecasting, scheduling, adherence tracking and agent productivity.

Our new whitepaper for the Financial Industry is just one resource available free from Verint Monet. We have also written informative posts on a wide range of topics and issues related to WFM for the Banking and Financial Industries in our workforce management solution blog. You can also check out short video presentations on the benefits of a workforce management solution for contact centers or schedule an online demo to become more familiar with how Verint Monet solutions can make your call center more productive.

Download Call Center Forecasting and Scheduling Best Practices for the Finance Industry

Perhaps this is the year your call center will make the investment in a workforce optimization (WFO) system. But how do you know which financial services call centers software system is right for you?

Don’t invest in a solution without downloading our whitepaper Forecasting and Scheduling Best Practices for the Banking/Finance Industry. It’s free!

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