Large enterprises require mature and reliable solutions as they deal with many challenges on a daily basis. Contact centers and help desks with more than 500 agents might have employees working at different locations across the county or the world, dealing with hundreds of thousands of calls, emails and chats every day. You need an enterprise call center software that handles everything you require and makes your business simpler.


Monet cloud software solution is just what you’re looking for.

Feature-Rich Enterprise-Class Solution

Monet features an enterprise-class WFO solution that is sophisticated yet easy to use. Since enterprise contact centers typically operate out of more than one facility, Monet WFO makes it easy to manage multiple centers across the country or around the world through one system that is easy to implement and operate. In addition, Monet gives you the flexibility to manage different business entities within your enterprise separately and in alignment with their various business goals.


Monet has been designed and fine-tuned over the last 10+ years by real users in the call center space, resulting in a logical and user-friendly workflow. Customers can expect easier implementation, a short learning curve and rapid ROI.

Scalability on Demand

As your business grows and as system load varies over time, individual sub-systems in Monet can be dynamically scaled to meet any changes.  Monet utilizes multiple AWS web-server pools that can each scale dynamically within minutes and without limit. In other words, customers can increase or decrease resources on demand to accommodate changing needs without business interruption or additional staffing.


Monet Software is a high availability solution that is hosted in multiple data centers (availability zones) within Amazon Web Services (AWS). All networking components, SSL accelerators, load balancers, Web servers, and application servers are configured in a redundant configuration. As a result, software upgrades are seamless and require no downtime.


All customer data is stored on carrier-class disk storage using RAID disks and multiple data paths. Customer data, up to the last committed transaction, is automatically backed up to Amazon S3 on a nightly basis. Amazon S3 uses several copies across geographically dispersed secured locations; copies are routinely verified to provide 99.999999999% yearly durability.


The cloud, fortified by AWS infrastructure, offers a higher grade of security than most internal IT departments. Safeguards in place include:

  • Perimeter defense through state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion detection system
  • Data encryption through SSL encryption products to protect customer data and communications
  • A robust application security model
  • Internal systems security safeguards, including network address translations, port redirection, IP masquerading and more
  • SOC Compliance & PCI Compliance

Disaster Recovery

Through AWS, Monet has access to several geographically remote disaster recovery facilities — along with required hardware, software, and Internet connectivity — in the event our production facilities were to be rendered unavailable. Monet has disaster recovery plans in place and tests them regularly.

Deployment Flexibility

Monet WFO offers customization capabilities to meet the specific needs of each contact center and easily integrates with existing business productivity systems such as telephony, CRM, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and HR systems. Monet integrates with either on-premises systems or cloud systems via web services REST API.


As a cloud solution, Monet also supports rolling updates and upgrades that are performed seamlessly with no downtime, and with no involvement from contact center IT personnel.

Pricing Flexibility

Monet WFO is a subscription-based cloud solution that eliminates license fees and the large upfront costs of hardware and software installation. Leveraging Monet scalable AWS data centers allows the enterprise to focus IT investments into other aspects of the business.


“After having Monet, we can never go back.”

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“Our quality and service levels are averaging in the top 97% tier.“

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“We are already abandoning almost 2,000 less calls than a year ago.”

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