Don’t Overlook Performance Management

How important is performance management to your contact center?

Certainly customers are important, and taking steps to serve them better is always part of a manager’s daily function. But too often this is handled in a reactive way. An issue is discovered through the natural course of doing business, and then steps are taken to solve the problem.

It works, but performance management allows for a more proactive approach. You want to get the best out of your agents and other personnel. You want them to have the training and tools they need to excel in their jobs. You want your customers to be treated so well that they’ll remain your customers for years to come.

Performance management can make it happen.

This is not a one-day project, or even a one-week project: It’s an effort that must be continuous, one that requires an ongoing commitment to improvement. If you succeed, the results will be worth it – lower agent turnover, increased productivity, and open communication that makes any situation easier to handle.

The analytics provided by Monet Metrics has made performance management faster and more accurate at a wide range of contact centers. What used to require stacks of paperwork and tedious manual operations now gets completed automatically; saving valuable work hours that can be devoted to other tasks. Data is delivered in a way that makes it easier to identify the skill sets of your agents, as well as any skill gaps that need to be filled by additional training.

Is Monet Metrics your best option?

Obviously we think so. But as you explore the different software selections available you’ll want to select the performance management system that best fits your call center’s needs.

As you investigate, always keep in mind that performance management is only as good as the data it receives. Your workforce management and quality management efforts, as well as those devoted to training and billing and other specialties, must collect accurate numbers for the system to work. With Monet, that’s never an issue.

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