Don’t Buy a Workforce Optimization Solution Without These Capabilities

The advantage of workforce optimization is how it brings so many essential features together into one solution. However, this can also be a confusing element for first-time buyers. Which of these components are most important to meet the needs of your customers?

Let’s start with the obvious:


The workforce management component of your WFO system should accurately forecast customer demand by analyzing historic data and statistics, pulled from your media handling system (calls, messages, emails, etc.).


With an accurate forecast in place, WFO will help managers create effective schedules that meet customer demand. These schedules should be prepared to handle call shift patterns, and be flexible enough to handle unexpected events that impact call volume.

Real-Time Adherence

Real-time agent adherence compares planned agent activity to actual activities throughout the day, as well as real-time views of forecasted and actual call volumes, handle times and other key performance indicators. Managers and supervisors can compare agents’ actual activities against their schedules, review a breakdown of adherence by activity, and manage exceptions. The also see when agents are available for calls and when they take their lunches and breaks based on predetermined schedules.

Other important qualities in a WFO system include:


WFO should adjust to your call center regardless of how it is organized. A cloud WFO solution will be customized to fit your environment, prepared and tested before it is live, and can run parallel with your hardware solution during the actual conversion, so it can continue to function if an issue arises.

Comprehensive Reporting

Everything you wish to achieve at your contact center starts with the reports generated by WFO. These reports provide the data that triggers changes, decisions, personnel training and effective communication. Simply put, this is how you know what’s going on at your business.

Quality Management

The quality management process incorporates dashboards, scorecards, agent analytics, customized reports and key performance indicators, to improve service levels, optimize utilization of resources and enhance cost management.

Performance Management

By analyzing the scorecards and reports produced by workforce optimization software, call centers can become more proactive in their quest for improving customer service, rather than reacting to events that have already occurred.

Speech Analytics

Simply put, speech analytics takes call recording to the next level by digging deeper into the content of each call, identifying patterns and key words and phrases that can help to further refine customer service efforts and agent training opportunities.

Monet’s award-winning, next-generation WFO solution is a unified cloud contact center optimization solution that delivers all of these features and more.


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