Does your Call Recording System Provide Quality Monitoring?

A call recording system is invaluable in agent training, coaching and troubleshooting and establishing best practices. It also helps to resolve transaction disputes and determine regulatory compliance. 

However, call recording software without integrated quality monitoring is like buying a Ferrari and never going faster than 30 mph – you’re not making the most of the technology at your disposal.

Start your quality monitoring effort by dividing recorded calls into segments (greeting, closing, problem resolution, etc.) and grading each one on scorecards (assign letter grades or a 1-10 designation, 10 being the highest).  Managers, supervisors and agents can all be involved in this process. If you have customer feedback surveys, these can be incorporated as well. Analysis of these calls will be invaluable in identifying procedural issues or recurring customer issues that can be better resolved.  

Call recording with integrated quality monitoring also offers a valuable reference tool for determining which agents are doing well, which are missing key components of their customer interaction, and which need additional training. 

In time, agents should be able to analyze and assess their own performances by listening back to customer encounters.  Sometimes, all it takes is a chance to review their courtesy, conversational style and use of scripted material for self-correction to occur.

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