Does your Call Recording Software Feel Left Out?

Call recording systems provide several benefits for call center management, personnel and clients. Analysis of recordings can expose flaws and prompt changes that improve the efficiency of customer interactions and the performance of call center staff. Recorded calls can also be used for agent training, and to address marketing challenges. In addition, a call recorder program helps settle disputes and reduces liability exposure. And yet, for all these benefits, some call centers are still not maximizing the advantages for call recording solutions. By combining call recording with workforce management, call centers achieve a true workforce optimization (WFO) solution.

Through the integration of these vital functions, managers can link call records to screenshots and desktop navigation, tracking when customer calls are handled and how often they are transferred. For more, please read the whole article “Monet brings Call Recording and Quality Management into the Picture” in Customer Interaction Solutions.With WFO, managers also receive a more comprehensive picture of how every agent is performing, than what can be achieved with call recording alone.

The recording shows how agents respond to inquiries and handle frustrated customers; WFM shows how many calls are handled every hour, how many are abandoned, and the overall rate of upselling and conversion. Working together, call recording and WFM can boost the customer experience, and the call center’s bottom line.