Do You Really Know What Customers are Saying?

Your contact center agents spend the majority of their time every day speaking with your customers. Sure, that means they hear what is being said, but does your business have the tools in place to analyze their comments and questions, and use this data to improve customer interaction and agent performance? Call recording and monitoring is a good place to start. But with speech analytics, you’re adding another dimension to your call recording solution.

Speech analytics digs a little deeper into content, identifying patterns and key words and phrases that can help to further refine customer service efforts. [more]Once the data generated is reviewed, managers can adjust agent scripts accordingly, and provide better answers to handle questions and concerns that are occurring more frequently. Yes, this is something that might be addressed through call recording alone. Attentive agents can make note of recurring themes in calls, or provide a description of the caller’s demeanor during the call. But with this method, changes can only be made after the fact. Today’s speech analytics software automates the search process for important words and phrases, and provides automated alerts when certain issues or opportunities arise.

The faster these issues are addressed, the better the customer service. It’s also fair to say that even the most qualified, experienced agents cannot mine each call for relevant data in real time. It’s simply more efficient to automate this practice so calls are instantly categorized by purpose and/or outcome, while the agent is clear to focus only on delivering a positive engagement.  By combining the more precise capabilities of speech analytics, such as keyword spotting, with a more general review of how customers and agents speak with each other, a contact center is better equipped to proactively solve issues before they can impact the company.