Do you focus on the right data and metrics in your contact center?

Call centers that use WFM software generate an abundance of data, all of it important. But which metrics are most important? As a recent ICMI article observes, some contact centers prioritize data based on cost reductions. But it might be more advantageous to focus instead on those metrics that impact the customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This might take some extra effort, through such initiatives as customer surveys following each interaction. But the data that is generated from this feedback is invaluable, and will impact every facet of the contact center. Quality management and call scoring will also be a primary source of customer service measurement. [more]

Customer satisfaction incorporates services, product features and costs, technology and customer service agents. Where is your company excelling, and where is improvement needed? Spot the trends and identify the causes. The faster you pinpoint the problems, the faster you can design solutions. One suggestion offered in the ICMI article is “invest in the right systems and processes.” At Monet we’ve created our WFM and call recording solutions to help capture customer satisfaction feedback, and to link data points together across the contact center spectrum. Thus, managers are provided with both specific analytics on every aspect of customer interaction, as well as a “big picture” view of how all the moving parts are – or should be – working together.