Developing A Quality Assurance Culture in Your Contact Center

There is no shortage of tips available on how to achieve quality management in a call center environment. We’ve shared many of our own with you right here in this blog. And while technology certainly plays a crucial role in achieving an acceptable quality management standard, it is also true that QM only thrives with the right culture in place. There are three fundamentals steps that should be taken to achieve this positive culture. 1. Hire People That Want to Succeed Good procedures and practices always start with people. Hire agents with high standards on job performance, particularly as it relates to customer service. These are ambassadors for your brand who serve a valuable purpose beyond how well they do their jobs. Present them as role models to new hires and other agents who are just getting by. 2. Get the Little Things Right Quality assurance hinges on the little things; these are the parts of the job that comprise the larger efficiency and service goals toward which every call center strives. When these so-called little things are done right, the big things will take care of themselves. 3. A Winning Routine Good habits, like bad habits, are hard to break. So once you’ve developed a routine that is manageable and achieves your quality management goals, stick to it. Incorporate it into the call center culture. Please download our Quality Management whitepaper for more detailed information on this.